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I am a Branding Manager works for the quickly growing company telecoms provider based in the united states. Launched in the Google and Asus (the maker) stables, the Nexus 7 tablet computer is lighter in weight, has a sizable battery life of up to 9 hours with HD video playback, and 10 hours with browsing and reading. Another quality development for android tablet computer is the quality of LCD for display purpose.

We've hand-picked the best out of the current harvest of 7-inch and 10-inch tablets - including small-known deal models including a 10-inch Disgo tablet pc for only GBP155. That's true but people believe tablets are expensive because aside from games and media, not much can be carried out on tablets. Google has come fourth and said that Android 2.2 is not optimized process designs for Vertical. I meant newer dual core netbooks with Ion images can handle HD videos though most netbook display are maxed at 600p. Personally, I don't think any Android tablet computer is "future-proof" simply because support varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and there is Always a new Android around the corner.